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Overcome Social Problem Among Youth - 1151 Words

OVERCOME SOCIAL PROBLEM AMONG YOUTHS Malaysia is categorized as third world country and has received rapid growth in socioeconomic and advance technologies. The globalization makes the world become smaller and all the information could be obtained easily by clicking on the computers. World without any barrier allows cultures from other countries influence the Malaysian especially the youths. There are good and bad cultures. The social problems emerged due to bad cultures from other countries. Cultures which we do not feed into our own cultural and religious values. Most young generations cannot identify and analyse what are the good and bad things. It could be eliminate the moral values in each young generation. The social evils that are†¦show more content†¦Officials should increase the mass media sense of accountability, responsibility and their obligation to enforce impartial and noble values such as truth, honesty and so forth. Consumer mass media, especially those who are responsible as parents, teachers, political leaders and administrators should be more wise in the lead, guide, improve rationality, maturity and alertness and ability to choose to broadcast a more useful waching by children or those who are under their care. Mass media can also actually be a vehicle through various channels such as information technology, advanced Internet, multimedia and so on. Last but not least and one of the main thing that can overcome this problem is the function of Religion. If a person obey the commands and needs of their religion they will not necessarily have been running into problems. Religion teaches every single of their people to be a good persons and be great person by obeying His orders and teach moral values to be a kind person and how to live their life. Therefore, loyal order of god can guide mankind to follow the truth, and not to go the wrong way. In other words, a good selection will help prevent social problems in the youths themselves. As a conclusion, social problems can only be solved not just by the person itself its also need the role of others in order to ensure youths to overcome the social problem.Show MoreRelatedOvercome Social Problem Among Youth1157 Words   |  5 PagesOVERCOME SOCIAL PROBLEM AMONG YOUTHS Malaysia is categorized as third world country and has received rapid growth in socioeconomic and advance technologies. The globalization makes the world become smaller and all the information could be obtained easily by clicking on the computers. World without any barrier allows cultures from other countries influence the Malaysian especially the youths. There are good and bad cultures. The social problems emerged due to bad cultures from other countries.Read MoreThe Education System Of The United States Fair1591 Words   |  7 Pagesthink that racism and times of inequalities are over and that everyone is now enjoying the same rights and equal opportunities. However, that is not completely true. The education system still affected by the history of segregation. In the article â€Å"Social Justice in hard times†,by Sonia Nieto, supports the idea that we are still living under a racist and unequal era. In this article Nieto talks about how many people believes that unequal a nd unfair treatment was over since the civil rights movementRead MoreYouths with Depression1040 Words   |  5 Pagesand loss of interests (â€Å"A Definition of Depression†, 2007, para. 1). Depression is a major problem among youths and the number of occurrences has been growing in recent years. Kuabara, Van Voorhees, Gollan and Alexander (2007) support this claim by citing that youths have the â€Å"highest incidence and cumulative prevalence of depression† and further reiterate that â€Å"the risk of depression in this age group [youths] has increased significantly in the last half century† (para. 1). This is based on the evidenceRead MoreSocial Problem Homelessness1065 Words   |  5 PagesApplication Social Problem Research: Homelessness Homelessness is becoming a major social issue in the United States, with many poor families and young people ending up in the street because of several reasons. This condition is leaving many people helpless in the streets and the number keep on rising on a daily basis. Cities like Detroit and New York are among the most populous with poor families and homeless people, making it important for government and other social agencies to find urgent solutionRead MoreWithout a doubt, professional athletics has a huge role in today’s society. In the United States,1500 Words   |  6 Pages Without a doubt, professional athletics has a huge role in today’s society. In the United States, sports such as Football and Basketball are among the most popular, and have a vast majority of the highest paid athletes in the world. However, the lack of education required by the professional organizations to participate in such high grossing and high paying fields is shocking. Completion of a college degree is not required, and players make a minimum salary of $500,000, which is $100,000 more thanRead MorePersonal Statement : Social Work741 Words   |  3 PagesStatement I decided to apply to the social work master because I have encountered a lot of different experiences, problems, and achievements over the past four years. Similarly, I have always had a deep desire for helping others in a caring and supportive way. I faced many obstacles through my adolescent years such as: having an eating disorder, self-harm, and depression. After going through therapy, I realized that I wanted to help young people to overcome problems and to be able to help them to moveRead MoreYouth Among The Homeless Essay1118 Words   |  5 Pagessolutions to such an important social and economic problem. Whether or not anyone wants to support or ignore the issue, it will always be there. However, the youth population is on the rise among the homeless. While the exact number of youth among the homeless is hard to determine, given various information about homelessness available and the age range that is considered youth, a 2012 survey from the Department of Education shows that 52,950 unaccompanied homeless youth were reported through school-basedRead MoreDrug Abuse Among School Students926 Words   |  4 PagesThe drug abuse among school students is an increasing social phenomenon. This trend has caused widespread concern among parents and educators who feel something should be done to stem the tide of drug abuse. The most popular response to this problem has been to establish some type of Drug Education programs that will inform the youth of the inherent dangers associated with drug consumption. Drug Education can play a counterbalancing role in shaping a normative culture of safety and moderation. HowRead MoreThe Warning Signs and Risk Factors of Teen Depression993 Words   |  4 Pagesthem without any real issue arising. â€Å"A sudden change in behavior is a main sign of someone being depressed, which could lead to having suicidal thoughts,† stated Pam Farkas, a clinical social worker in California (Aguilar). The warning signs and risk factors of teen depression include behavioral issues, social withdrawal, and inadequate interest in activities, yet the unawareness of these signs do not allow professional medical attention to intercede. Deaths, illnesses, rejection, relationshipRead MoreThe Effects of Homelessness on the Overall Self-Esteem of Homeless Youth1476 Words   |  6 Pagesstatus as they are invisible, not seen by the general public with their homeless counterparts taking up residence in make-shift housing. Nonetheless, there is a large percent of youth who meet the guidelines for being deemed homeless. The website,, says the U.S Depar tment of Education defines a homeless youth as one whom: Lacks a fixed, regular, and nighttime residence or an individual who has a primary residence that is a) a supervised or publically operated shelter designed to provide

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Safe Injection Sites A Controversial Issue - 1797 Words

Safe injection sites are a controversial issue in Canada, and have been for a long time. As society grows more and more comfortable with the idea of legalizing certain drugs, the attitude towards these safe injection sites changes. This change affects laws, politics, and society in general and is a legal and moral issue. Insite, the first safe injection site in North America, opened in 2003 in Vancouver, British Columbia to a mass of controversy that induced legislative, legal, and moral change worthy of observation and investigation. This paper will first introduce the concept of safe injection sites as well as an explanation of the harm principle in which these sites operate under, then introduce Insite, the first safe injection site opened in North America, along with appropriate statistical evidence that proves its effectiveness, followed by the issues brought up by opponents of these sites will be discussed as well as the landmark Supreme Court case that allowed for their contin ued existence, and finally an overview of the current legislation that threatens it. Safe injection sites are places where chronic users of drugs such as morphine, cocaine, and heroin can go to inject drugs in a safe and sanitary environment. The site itself does not supply the drugs, but offers addiction and mental health treatment, first aid in case of overdose or injury, and sanitary means to inject drugs safely. These sites apply what is known as the harm reduction model. In herShow MoreRelatedHeroin Should Be Implemented Safe Sites1533 Words   |  7 Pagesremains an ever popular drug and continues to be an issue many cities face. Heroin deaths continue to rise each year; Seattle reported 156 deaths in 2014, 99 deaths in 2013, and 49 in 2009 (Beekman). Heroin isn’t a problem that is going away, rather it is a problem that grows annually. Deaths from an overdose, the spread of disease, and the improper disposal of dirty needles all rise with the popularity of heroin. To combat this, heroin safe-sites have been established across the world. Germany, Switze rlandRead MoreThe Ethical Controversy of a Nurse`s Role in Harm Reduction1014 Words   |  5 PagesHarm reduction can be defined as an approach that aims to reduce the consequences of high risk behaviours such as injection drug use on the individual and on society as a whole. Harm reduction programs provide injection drug users with access to a clean injection environment, sterile injections, drug-preparation equipment and safe disposal of contaminated material at the time of injection. Staff members in harm reduction facilities provide health teaching, anonymous HIV testing, information on addictionRead MorePros and Cons to Vaccination in Children1750 Words   |  7 Pagesor her. Some people have different opinions on what the best specifically entails when it comes to childhood vaccines. Vaccinations are a controversial discussion as parents question whether it should be mandatory or optional when they feel the cons outweigh the pros. The government says it is the right thing to do for parents and their families to remain safe from illnesses and diseases. However, there have been opinions of opposition voiced by parents and health advocates about whether or not itRead MoreShould Drugs Be Decriminalized?1666 Words   |  7 PagesShould Drugs Be Decriminalized? Recreational drug use has been controversial for years. Government has deemed the use of certain drugs to be dangerous, addictive, costly, and fatal. Governmental agencies have passed laws to make drugs illegal and then have focused a great deal of attention and money trying to prohibit the use of these drugs, and many people support these sanctions because they view the illegality of drugs to be the main protection against the destruction of our society (TrebachRead MoreTreatment Of Safe Injection Sites2107 Words   |  9 PagesThroughout Canada, many individuals unsafely use illicit substances that may result in disease or even death. The government has established safe injection sites in order to prevent addicts from spreading HIV or AIDS and even overdosing. The first safe injection site to be established was built in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, Canada. At first, the site was operated under a waiver from the federal government that allowed the clinic to provide its ser vices to drug abusers as part of a researchRead MoreFracking : A Controversial Controversy1486 Words   |  6 PagesFracking is a highly controversial practice that utilizes the injection of water, chemicals and abrasives to extract relatively inaccessible pockets of natural resources. Although fracking has the potential to benefit the domestic economy, the practice of hydraulic fracturing, if left unregulated and mismanaged poses significant risks to the environment, the ecosystem and safety. Fracking has become a highly controversial and publicized topic in recent years due to rising concerns into the potentialRead MoreThe Controversial Technique Of Hydraulic Fracturing1366 Words   |  6 Pagesviable option, and with it the controversial technique of Hydraulic Fracturing. Hydraulic Fracturing, or Fracking, as it is commonly known, is a process that requires three main components: a natural gas deposit, drilling and fracking fluid. The operation begins with companies surveying lands to discover an untapped source. Once one is found, companies begin to create a wellbore that will extend underneath the deposit. Next, the bore is encased, followed by the injection of high pressurized fluids containingRead MoreThe Oil And Gas Industry1293 Words   |  6 Pagesof oil and gas innovation. Legal issues are created and raised with the advent of hydraulic fracturing. This piece will discuss two large topics of interest seen in the realm of energy law. We will discuss whether the advent of new technology in the oil and gas industry has aided or worsened environmental issues. One of such technologies that raise a lot of questions and controversy is the innovation of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. The legal issues behind these questions drive theRea d MoreThe Battle over Safe Injection Sites1938 Words   |  8 PagesInsite: The Battle over Supervised Injection Sites In the 1990’s there was an epidemic of HIV outbreaks in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Injection drug users were found to be the leading cause of this, and a public health emergency was declared (Fafard, 2012). The â€Å"mortality and morbidity† resulting from this increasing injection drug use became a major political issue. This resulted in the adoption of harm reduction by the government as one of their four pillars of their drug strategyRead MoreBenefits Of Safe Injections Sites1981 Words   |  8 PagesMany people view safe Injections sites as something extremely controversial. Some people are completely for the idea of them as well as implementing in their neighborhoods, while others are extremely against the idea and will do anything they can to ensure that they never make their way into their neighborhood. That being said, because of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the Canada (AG) v PHS Community Services Society, many more of them will be opening up across Canada. The Court’s decision

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Financial Analysis of Walgreens Co. - 1790 Words

Walgreens Co – Final Case Founded in 1901, Walgreens goal is to be consumers’ first choice for health and daily living across the nation, and a central part of people’s lives and the communities where they live and work. The company provides the most convenient, multi-channel access to goods and services, and pharmacy, health and wellness services while developing a new customer experience. Walgreens is the largest drug retailing chain in the United States as of 2012. A fiscal year for Walgreens end on August 31st, all of the measures are from either fiscal year 2012 or 2011. There are a couple of major things to be noted in the cash flow statement of Walgreens co. First and foremost is cash from operations, this is why the†¦show more content†¦As well as if the company is good for issuing a loan, or investing in some other fashion such as bonds. For better breakdown these ratios have been separated in three categories: Measure of Profitability, Measures of Liquidity, and Measures of Solvency. Profitability: ROA, ROE, Gross Profit Percentage, Net Income Percentage. In all of these measures either Walgreens has stayed stagnant or had negative fallout from the previous year. Return on Asset is a ratio that measures how efficiently the company uses its assets. How much operating income the company generates given one dollar in asset. Walgreens went down from 15% to 11% compared to previous year. This shows a decline in the efficiency of the management. Walgreens needs to do a better job of managing its assets. Return on Equity measures how much net income is generated per dollar invested in the company by stockholders and investors. Again we see the same downward trend. It went down by 6% from 18% in 2011 to 12% in 2012. Gross Profit Percentage measures what percentage of revenue is converted to gross profit. Although they managed to remain stagnant in this category, that is not something that is ideal. One wants to see this number in crease year after year meaning that the company is getting more proficient in utilizing the money it has gotten through investments. Gross profit percentage for Walgreens is 28%. Net Income Percentage measures how much of revenue is converted toShow MoreRelatedWalgreens Fiancial Analysis2167 Words   |  9 PagesWalgreens Corporations Financial Analysis Introduction Walgreens operates 7,907 locations in 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico with over 247,000 employees serving customers. The company has seen an increase in revenues, but an end to its contract to participate in the Express Scripts pharmacy provider network on December 31, 2011 poses a threat to revenues and profits for 2012 and future fiscal periods. This analysis will discuss Walgreen’s business strategy, provide aRead MoreWalgreens Company Analysis and Integration Strategy Essay10861 Words   |  44 PagesAnalysis of Walgreens By: Robert Antioho Christopher Bennington Andrew Graeff Jordan Lenz Jacob Wyand Chapter 1: Company Background and Mission Chapter 1: Company Background and Mission Walgreen Co. Introduction: Walgreen Co. (Walgreens) and its subsidiaries operate a drugstore chain in the United States. â€Å"The Company provides its customers with multichannel access to consumer goods and services, and pharmacy, health and wellness services in communitiesRead MoreEssay on Walgreens Company Analysis941 Words   |  4 PagesProduct Market Analysis Stock: Walgreen Co. (WAG) 52 Wks Price Information: Hi Lo EPS DPS Price Buy date: 1-18-06 49 41 1.57 .26 43.91 Sell date: 4-19-06 49 41 1.57 .26 44.12 Walgreen Co. engages in the retail sale of prescription and nonprescription drugs, and general merchandise, through a drugstore chain in the United States. It is the nation’s largest drugstore chain by sales. General merchandise includes cosmetics, toiletries, householdRead MoreExternal Environmental Scan of Walgreens Drugstores1116 Words   |  4 PagesExternal environmental scan of Walgreens drugstores Walgreens was founded in the year 1901 in Chicago, Illinois and is currently the largest drug retailing chain in the US. As of the 31st of January 2012, the company had more than 8,300 stores across all 50 states of the US. The company provides access to consumer goods and services as well as pharmaceutical, health and wellness products and services. Current economic trends There are many challenges that face Walgreens in the industry it operatesRead MoreWalgreens Co. Swot Analysis Essay2452 Words   |  10 PagesWalgreens Company SWOT Analysis Melanie Garces MGT/521 July 16, 2012 Kirk Davis Abstract This paper will provide insight into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the Walgreens Company, the nation’s leading drugstore chain. The company’s key stakeholders – customers, employees and the community are also identified and an explanation provided as to how the company is satisfying the needs and wants of each stakeholder type. This paper analyzes the strengths of the companyRead MoreWalgreens3673 Words   |  15 PagesWalgreens Co – Progress Report 1 Company Background: A) What is the ticker symbol of your company? Identify the stock exchange(s) where your company stock trades. The corporate name of the Walgreens drugstore chain is Walgreens Co, as identified on Form 10-5 (SEC Filing). The company is traded in the NYSE under the ticker symbol ‘WAG’. B) Read the auditor’s report included in the annual report of the company and explain its purpose. Identify the name of the auditing firm. Walgreen’sRead MoreWalgreens Strategic Analysis2645 Words   |  11 PagesWashington 0180175 Walgreens Pharmacy (WAG) An Industry Leader at the Inflection Point The following report is an in-depth discussion of Walgreens Pharmacy with an analysis and assessment of the company’s strategic initiatives. Each strategy yields a direct purpose of diminishing the influence of a specific force from Porter’s 5-force Model as the supporting data culminates an outlook on the company’s future. COMPANY OVERVIEW Charles Walgreen of Chicago, Illinois, pioneeredRead MoreEvaluation of Walgreens Company5992 Words   |  24 PagesWalgreens CO. | EVALUATION OF WALGREENS CO. | Managerial finance project | | Contents Walgreens CEO 1 The board of directors 2 How much trading volume is there on the stock? 4 Does the firm has any has publicly traded debt? 4 Societal constraint 4 Liquidity ratios 4 Overall risk of company 8 Marginal investors in the company 9 Estimate the default risk and cost of debt of your company 9 Weights of debt and equity 10 Regression 10 WACC and CAPM 11 EvaluatingRead MoreEssay about Walgreens; Financial Statement Analysts2248 Words   |  9 PagesExecutive Summary Walgreens offers an old-fashioned tonic for fiscal fitness: quality over quantity and homespun growth rather than growth through acquisitions. It works. While Walgreen has fewer stores than its closest rival CVS, it is #1 in the nation in sales. (Hoovers Inc, 2007) Walgreens operates about 6,000 stores in 49 states and Puerto Rico, and has three mail order facilities. Prescription drugs account for 65% of sales; the rest comes from general merchandise, over-the-counter medicationsRead MoreWalgreen Versus Cvs Essay6549 Words   |  27 Pagesinitial intent of this analysis was to identify changes in accounting methods within the financial statements of Walgreens and CVS Caremark, as well as to compare and contrast their financial statements, in order to draw conclusions about which company had also have better earnings. However, in the process of this analysis, with the exception of a minor change to lease accounting by Walgreens, there were no major changes in accounting methods identified. In examining the financial statements for these

Persuasive Essay On Smoking - 929 Words

Have you ever wondered why people continue to smoke cigarettes although they are aware that it is harmful for them and the people around them? For some, smoking cigarettes is a solution to relieving stress. According to K.H Ginzel, a professor of pharmacology and toxicology, cigarettes contain over 4,000 different chemicals and one of these chemicals is nicotine. His work at the University of Arkansas is on the area of nicotine and its effects. Ginzel, M.D states â€Å"Nicotine is a highly addictive substance found in many tobacco products.† (Ginzel) Once the chemicals travel to the brain, it causes the user a temporary escape and helps relax the person. However, once that feeling goes away, smokers crave another cigarette. Therefore,†¦show more content†¦(Tomlinson) It puts you in such a calm and peaceful state that when the high leaves, you become addicted and in search for that same feeling with the next cigarette. When your put in a stressed situation or just a n ormal predicament that would take effort and some thought, the normal solution for a smoker is to go outside, have a cigarette and ease that urge. But if they dont get a smoke break when they need it, it can cause terrible mood swings. A user can get grumpy and have more attitude if they go without that â€Å"escape†. Due to your body’s dependance of the drug it can lead to stress or even anger tantrums when you dont fulfill that nicotine pleasure. As good as it made you feel when you took that hit, your emotions go in the opposite direction when you no longer feel the effects of the drug. (Tomlinson) The user can become anxious and depressed without the drug and more likely to eat a lot more to compensate for the loss of the cigarette and have a lot of trouble sleeping. You become a lot more sensitive due to emotional stress without that high feeling. Why go through this bipolar experience with such back and forth emotions when you can just be your normal self witho ut the drug? Smoking is known to cause you to be the outcast in your group of friends. The selfish act of wanting to smoke doesnt only hurt you physically, mentally and health wiseShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Essay Smoking885 Words   |  4 Pagessuch as smoking. People smoke for numerous reasons. These reasons include: socializing, coping with emotions, parental influences, advertising, and for the thrill of risk taking behaviors. In consequence, many people are unaware of the negative aspects to smoking. Smoking not only affects the individual but has negative impacts on others that are around the smoker and the environment as well. In result of these harmful aspects of smoking, smoking should be banned in public places. Smoking shouldRead MorePersuasive Essay Smoking911 Words   |  4 Pages Do you know anyone that has/does suffer from a smoking related issue, that has never even touched a cigarette in their life? The problems that develop from smoking a cigarette are widely known and many people think it is harmful to smoke, but people never think about the harmful effects from inhaling second-hand smoke. Many smokers smoke in public areas every day. Not only are they inhaling all of the deadly chemicals, but so is everyone else around them. Being around a smoker too often and inhalingRead MorePersuasive Essay on Smoking883 Words   |  4 Pages      The Adversities of Smoking. Smoking and even second hand smoking can lead to fatal diseases such as, lung cancer, cancer of the larynx, esophagus, and bladder diseases. ltobacco/secondhandsmoke.html / smoking is hazardous enough to an individual’s health and it’s even more disturbing when people are exposed to dangers caused by smoking. The tobacco company however, had thought false labeling would help the situation when all it has done is worsen the case. The tobaccoRead MorePersuasive Essay On Smoking1236 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout history, smoking cigarettes has led to higher risks of developing different kinds of cancers and other health problems. Most people who are smokers are unaware of how serious their addiction actually is. Not only are they deteriorating their bodies, they are harming others in the process. Even if people are not concerned about their own health, they should at least be thoughtful be considerate enough to be mindful of people around th em, particularly their own family. Smoking cigarettes isRead MoreSmoking Persuasive Essay757 Words   |  4 PagesSmoking is a plague to a plethora of individuals. Despite the numerous anti-smoking campaigns held all over the country, we have seen the number of smokers decline in a prolong rate. Even though, millions of ex-smokers surrendered to the temptation and continued with their atrocious habit—feeling depressed since theyre not mentally stable. Naturally, the query ascends: how plausible is it to quit with a horrible addiction like smoking? The simple answer to this question is â€Å"Yes† only if the personRead MorePersuasive Essay Smoking896 Words   |  4 Pagesoften seen as a safe or safer route to smoking. It is also relatively new to the market, only hitting the mainstream over the past decade. Due to the fact that it hasn’t been a part of the public consciousness for as long as cigarette smoking, there is a lot of people that still do not fully understand about it. Smoking is an evil habit that millions of people around the world have adapted. However, luckily vaporizers have become a huge trend in the smoking world. â€Å"About 3.7% of adults currentlyRead MorePersuasive Essay On Smoking707 Words   |  3 PagesThe sound of a cough rings throughout the park. The foul stench of thousands of chemicals wafts through the air. Peering around, the culprit is spotted; a man smoking on a nearby bench. Smoking has long since been regarded as one of the number one avoidable causes of death (Pietrangelo Cherney, 2017). Tobacco is one of the most widely-used recreational drugs in the world and although most countries put age restrictions on its use, over a billion adults smoke tobacco legally every day. As wellRead MoreSmoking Persuasive Essay778 Words   |  4 Pagesworldwide start smoking every day, and almost half of those children live in Asia. Its estimated that nearly 4.5 million United States youth are smokers, and if thi s current pattern persists, about 6.4 tobacco-using children will die prematurely from a smoking-related disease. From those 80,000 to 100,000 children about 50% of them will continue smoking for another decade or two. These kids help make up the 90% of smokers that started before age 21. The youth that has and will start smoking will haveRead MorePersuasive Essay Smoking995 Words   |  4 Pagesstill chose to do it. Smoking is a force of habit, it is a choice a person makes either to participate or not but it becomes outrageously addictive. The person choosing to smoke may not realize that they are not just harming themselves but they are also harming the ones surrounded by them. It has a negative effect on the people around the smoker because when the nicotine gets in the air it becomes hard to breathe and it travels amongst people faster than they realize. Smoking should be banned in allRead MoreSmoking Ban Persuasive Essay985 Words   |  4 PagesINFORMATION For several decades, smoking remains one of the most common and most unhealthy of human habits. Smoking, specifically in public, had generally been regarded as a personal choice that bystanders had little control over. Now for the first time, the act of public smoking is becoming regulated, even restricted in many cities worldwide. The city of Columbia has recently implemented a ban on smoking in efforts to reduce the negative effects of smoking on employees and customers of restaurants

Snow Day free essay sample

GernhartGernhart 1 English Composition ENG 121 14 May 2013 Narrative Essay #1 I awaken, my feet cold under the sheets . The room is strangely quiet as I slip out of bed and realize the sea of white snow. I hurry to get dressed and start bolting for the back door of our beautiful, city home in Tualatin. Today I will walk through my snow-covered yard as if I am swimming through the ocean. I stopped at the door that faced Nelson Street aligned with beautiful fall colored trees, silently watching the snowfall. The tiny ice crystals drift peacefully down from the sky. As the door slowly creeps open, I carefully step onto the front porch so as not to slip and fall. I now have a full view of Nyberg Woods, a wintry paradise on top of the hill that is covered in the whitest snow. As I walk down the steps and to the sidewalk, the chatter and play of the children, combines with the crunch of the snow under my feet like two instruments in an orchestra. We will write a custom essay sample on Snow Day or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The white, cottony powder covers every inch of the new car. While I carefully approaching my dad’s brand new Dodge truck, I feel a snowball hit me as if it was throw by an all-star baseball player. I slowly turn around to find my little brother , Dalton laughing so hard he is about to tear up. Dalton was the darndest little, blonde boy with the personality of a clown. He always had me cracking up at the silliest thing that I remembered him joking about. As we continue to enjoy the snow and play in the driveway, I seemed to have a brilliant Gernhart 2 dea that would not be such a great idea in reality. Standing on the driveway wondering what to do, I noticed the jam packed snow and ice on my the truck. I thought to myself, â€Å"Maybe my dad would love it if I helped him in de-icing his car. † Now thinking back, this probably was not the best decision. I presented this plot to my little brother, who I never really bonded with as a child. It was interesting , yet exciting that he wanted to spend the day with me in the snow, instea d of his friends! As I wander around the car, I examine the car and tried to think which tool would do the job. Certainly a credit card was too flimsy and a hockey stick would scratch the windows and paint. I didn’t know it at the time, but thinking a chizzle would do the job, while not breaking the car in any way was the wrong way of going about this. I continue encouraging my brother to engage with through this want to help my dad. Although, he did not think it was the greatest idea. He said worriedly, â€Å"What if we mess up or scratch the color off, or even break a window?! † Not caring about what might happen and the consequences that would come along with that, I convinced him otherwise to partake in this adventurous task. As I raise the chizzle towards the window of the truck, I begin to get excited for what my dad will come outside and see. Starting to get to work, my brother and I heard a slight crack that sounded like the ice beneath us breaking. We started to panic! There would be no easy way out of this one. Looking at Dalton through a hole in the window make me realize that a chisel was not the best utensil. Gernhart 3 We both were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to make sense of what just happened and how we were going to explain this. â€Å"Maybe, we will just say that someone threw a rock at,† Dalton expressed with a worried look on his face. I was pondering that thought of how my dad might react to this particular instance, â€Å"Will he be mad that we broke his window, or will he be happy that we tried to help? † Feeling more worried now than ever, we decided to go back inside to â€Å"Wait it out†. As I reach the front door, I encourage my brother to act like nothing appened and maybe he won’t notice. Running full speed back up the steps into the house, we shake the snow off of us like we were never even near the truck. Not knowing what would happen, the anticipation was killing us more and more and the minutes on the clock seemed like hours. Peering through the office door, we notice my dad starting to make his way outside to his beautif ul, new baby. As we dashed up the stairs we heard the door shut and the ever so deep tone of my father’s voice, â€Å"Taylor, Dalton come downstairs. † I think we know what we had coming our ways.

Airbus Case free essay sample

Individual Assignment Question 1. Why is Airbus interested in building the A3XX? What are its objectives? Airbus is interested in A3XX for a number of reasons. Firstly, Airbus did not have a product to compete with Boeing’s 747 in the VLA (very large aircraft) market. By developing the A3XX it can gain a share in the VLA market. Secondly, as A3XX has more space per seat and wider aisles, it can attract passengers especially on longer routes. Thirdly, by comparing to Boeing 747, Airbus has 35% greater capacity and provide almost 25% more volume for free. Though operating cost per flight for Airbus would be higher, it would need only 323 passengers to break even compared to 290 for Boeing 747. Lastly, from the numver of announced orders (32) of Airbus A3XX, there provides sufficient confidence for Airbus to build A3XX to meet the potential demand of customers. Below are the objectives for Airbus in building the A3XX. We will write a custom essay sample on Airbus Case or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Firstly, as from the Airline Monitor suggested, A3XX will eventually replace the 747 as the ‘Queen of Air’, as every top international carrier will feel the need to have it. Secondly, from the fleet composition for the 15 largest Boeing 747 Operators, there’s around 44% of using 747 as a total of the Widebody Fleet. Thus Airbus can gain a significant market share in the Largest Operator segment by building the A3XX. Thirdly, Airbus would have operating margins of 15-20% after delivering the first plane in 2006, and reaching full production capacity in 2008. This will be much higher compared to the operating margin of 5. % in 1999 (896/16700). Lastly, by increased capacity after building the A3XX, Airbus can increase the market share of both Deliveries and Orders segment. From the market share of Deliveries and Orders segment (5 year average from 1995-1999), Boeing has 68. 1% and 56. 5% respectively while Airbus as only 31. 9% and 43. 5% respectively. Since entry by new airlines was unlikely, Airbus believes that capacity increase will lead to increase in market share of this segment.

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Justin Bieber “Believe” Tour free essay sample

Recently I attended Justin Biebers â€Å"Believe† tour concert in Louisville, Kentucky. Lets just say that by the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way, you could guess Justin was in town. As soon as I caught sight of the arena, I saw hundreds of people lined up to get in. There were loads of T-shirt stands and food carts, not to mention you were rubbing shoulders with strangers just to get through the hallways. Entering the arena was amazing. Carly Rae Jepsen was opening for Justin, so it wasnt long before people came flooding in to their seats. I sat in the second balcony, so I had a good view. When Carly stepped out on stage, it seemed like everyone in the building was screaming. It was ear-bursting, but I knew it would get even louder. Excited and ready to see the performance, I stood with everyone else and began to forget I was even at a concert. We will write a custom essay sample on Justin Bieber â€Å"Believe† Tour or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I knew I was enjoying myself. Carly sang songs from her new album, â€Å"Kiss.† The audience sang along. Sadly, she was only on for an hour, so it was soon over. As she finished with â€Å"Call Me Maybe,† she introduced Justin. Then all you could hear was thousands of girls screaming. Justin sang songs from his new album, â€Å"Believe.† In interviews he revealed that most of these songs are about Selena Gomez. Midway through the performance, he got on a platform that moved across the audience as he sang an acoustic version of â€Å"Fall.† Later he picked a lucky girl from the audience, as he has been known to do, and sang â€Å"One Less Lonely Girl† from his first album. Afterward he gave her a bouquet of flowers and a concert T-shirt. The lights were mesmerizing and almost distracted me from the concert. There were multicolored lasers, giant spotlights that glided across the audience, and flashing lights everywhere. My personal favorite were the rainbow lasers. I got a great picture when a fan put her hands up in the shape of a heart. This is kind of Justin Biebers trademark, like a peace sign or the â€Å"call me† sign. At the end there was a short slideshow showing Justin growing up as a singer. Girls started crying, as mothers waited for their daughters to be ready to leave. All in all the concert was a great experience. I would recommend it to any of my friends, and I definitely hope to see him in concert again soon.